Cedar Class

Cedar Class Learning for 27th March

Spelling: Get someone to test your understanding of the ‘ch’ or ‘tch’ rule. Can you remember the rule off by heart? Get someone to test you on 10 of the words from your list (like how we do our Friday spelling test in school).

English: LO: to create a character. Next week we are going to be creating our own Arthur-inspired story. To get started, I would like you to create the character for your story today. Make sure they have a name, and write down at least 5 characteristics they have. For example, in Arthur and the Golden Rope, we found out very early some of Arthur’s characteristics: he likes exploring, he has lots of magical items from his adventures, he doesn’t have many friends, he lives in a small Icelandic town, he was quite short, he had glasses, he didn’t look like how a hero normally looks. Draw a picture of your character to show what they look like. Make sure that you like your character, as they are going to be the main person in the story we create next week!

Maths: On Wednesday you worked on adding amounts of money together. Today I would like you to create and solve similar problems, but subtracting money. Again, start off with problems which don’t cross boundaries, for example: £2.79 – 65p = ?. Which method do you think is best for solving this? If you have access to coins at home, you could use these to help. If not, try and draw a number line like you did on Wednesday; see the class website for an example of this. If you want a challenge or are a year 4, try some trickier problems (ones which cross boundaries such as £4.26 – £2.38). You might want to use column subtraction to help you find the solutions; an example of this will be on the class website. If you use column subtraction, don’t forget to include the decimal point.

Arithmetic: Please continue to practise your three times table, and see how well you can solve quick-fire multiplication and division problems using your three times table skills.

Science: On Purple Mash there are 2 items on your 2Do page (These go live on the 27 MAR 2020). Firstly, complete the soil quiz to test your understanding of the properties of individual soil types. Then write down in your home learning book which soil type you think you have in your garden. Use the descriptions on Purple Mash to explain why you think this.
Secondly, there is a ‘plant diary’ task on Purple Mash to complete. If you have access to seeds at home and want to keep a diary in your home learning book of what happens as it grows, that would be great – do this instead of the Purple Mash activity! If you don’t have access to seeds, the Purple Mash activity has pictures of each stage of a plants growth for you to describe. Drag an image of each growth stage into a box and write about it. If you click the ‘plus’ symbol in each box there are photos of plant growth you can use instead. Think about the key words we learned about when studying plants: roots, stem, leaves, flowers, light, soil, seeds. This is a chance to show off you writing skills as well as your understanding of plants.

Additional tasks: 20 minutes of daily reading, continual revision of times tables (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s), red carpet run. All of the children should have their Purple Mash logins stuck into their yellow reading diaries. If you can’t find your child’s Purple Mash login, please comment on this post and I will send it over to you – Mr Keeble.