Elm Class

Elm Class Learning Monday 23rd March 2020

Spellings: This week, we will be practicing  ‘ure’ ending words- for example: Measure, treasure, creature- can you create a list of these spellings? What other examples can you find?

English: Can you identify the key features of a newspaper article? I have uploaded two examples of newspaper articles to the school website. Can you annotate these with the features that make a good newspaper, what can you pick out from these newspaper articles that make them a good piece of writing for a Year 5 or 6?

Some example features:

  • Newspaper features-
  • A bold headline, which uses a pun, alliteration or rhyme
  • Clearly structured paragraphs.
  • An introductory paragraph, which answers the 5W’s of the news story.
  • A picture related to the newspaper article and caption.
  • Direct and reported speech from eye witnesses.

 Grammatical features:

  • Parenthesis and relative clauses to add more information to sentences for the reader.
  • Fronted adverbials.
  • Varied length of sentences.
  • The use of past perfect tense ‘had asked’
  • Passive voice.

You may be able to identify even more features!

Arithmetic: Adding and subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places: for example: 2.34- 1.265=

Maths- Identifying the properties of 2D shapes- Have a look through the PowerPoint I have attached to the school website, to remind you of some of the different properties of 2D shapes. I have also attached some work to our school website- you can choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold challenge to have a go at. Describe each shape numbered, answering the questions on its properties as you go. EXT: Can you spot any of these shapes around the house?

Grammar, punctuation and spelling:

Can you add extra information as relative clauses to these sentences below, using a relative pronoun (who, whose, which, that)

The waiter dropped the dishes.

The little girl and her family went for a walk through the woods.

The children enjoyed watching the animation film.

The storm lasted over an hour.

History: To research the role of women in WW2. Can you write this up as a non-chronological report?

Art: To sketch the landscape of London during WW2 and Will’s home now in Little Weirwold- think about how they are very different- you could even get out in your garden to look at the nature- this may help you when sketching the village of Little Weirwold!