Elm Class

Elm Class Learning – Wednesday 25th March 2020

Spellings- continue to practice ‘ure’ ending words- could you get someone to test you?

English: Today, I would like you to edit your introduction to your newspaper article you wrote yesterday. I have uploaded a document onto the school website, highlighting the key features of the introduction to the Blitz newspaper article, that would be good to use in your introduction, which will help you with editing Then, I would like you, using the extract from Goodnight Mr Tom that I uploaded to the website yesterday, to plan out the topics for rest of the paragraphs in your newspaper article. What happened during the announcement of the war? What was the reaction of the villagers in Little Weirwold at the church? What is the village doing in response?

Arithmetic: Continuing adding and subtracting decimals with a different amount of decimal places.
Maths: Today, we are looking at reflecting shapes! There is a Bronze, silver and Gold challenge to have a go at on the class webpage. I have also linked a youtube video below to help if you are stuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25nCv3Cw2n8  

Science: Can you research how light helps us to see different colours? Can you draw a diagram of light bouncing off an object and write a short explanation on how this helps us to see different colours? A light knowledge organiser is on the class page to help with this.

Additional if you would like: Now you know about how we see colours and the spectrum of colour, it’s time to get creative! You may have seen that to keep up spirits and to make people smile, people are putting rainbows in their windows. You could draw, colour, paint or use other craft materials to make a rainbow for your own window!

Thank you,
Miss Coates.