Hazel Class

Hazel Class learning for Wednesday 18th March

Phonics – we are looking at the ‘o’ sound.

oa, ow, o -e, oe

Maths – we are focusing on weight and mass using the language heavier and lighter or equal.

Using our hands as human scales. If you are baking  this is an ideal opportunity to weigh 

English – Character’s feelings. Think about the polar bear in our story. How do you think he is feeling?

Can you write a message to go in a bottle to send back to his family. How is he feeling in his new world?

Science – We are about to start looking at how the weather changes as the seasons change. Look in your garden or outside your window. What signs of spring can you see?

Music – Singing the continents song and the oceans song. Can you find a good song about the seasons?

Additional – practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, read books and play maths and word games. 

I will add links to learning resources in the next couple of days.

Ms Beaumont.