Maple Class

Maple Class learning for Friday 27th March 2020

Phonics – revise different ways to spell the ‘a’ sound. Can you write some of those words in a sentence? 

Maths – if you can, bake something in the kitchen with an adult. Ask an adult first, and don’t touch anything sharp or hot! Measure out the ingredients carefully. Then write the recipe whilst it’s cooking. If you don’t have all the ingredients, just write the recipe and draw a picture of what it would look like. 

English – make a Lego model, but don’t show anyone else. Hide it under a blanket, then give someone else instructions to make the exact same model as yours. When they’ve finished, show them your model. Do they look the same? Why? Why not? 

RE – write a prayer. What would you like to ask for some help with? What help do you think the world needs this week? What could you do for someone else to help them? 

Sharing Assembly – get everyone in your house together and share what you have done that’s made you proud. Are you proud of someone else in your family? Tell them why! 

Additional – read school book, practise 11x tables on Pixl Times Table App, hold a mini school disco and dance around to your favourite tunes! 

Thank you for all your engagement this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the home learning activities. Please come back next week for more! Have a good weekend, Mrs Keeler