Maple Class

Maple Class learning for Thursday 26th March 2020

Phonics – explore how many words have the ‘ei’ sound in them (like in eight, neigh, weight). Can you write some of those words in a sentence? 

Maths – can you find 3 liquids in the kitchen (maybe milk, water, squash, juice, oil). How many millilitres does each container hold? Can you order them from most to least? Remember to use ml after you record each number. 

English – sit back to back with someone else. Both people to have a piece of paper and a pencil. One person to draw a picture and give instructions for the other person to draw the same picture, without looking. At the end, turn to face each other and share your pictures. What is the same about them? What is different? 

Geography – research the flag for Scotland. Can you draw it, colour it and find out its name? What is the capital of Scotland? 

Additional – read school book, practise 10x tables on Pixl Times Table App, make up a dance routine to your favourite song and then teach it to your family. 

Thank you, Mrs Keeler