Rowan Class

Rowan Class Friday 27th March

English Spelling Dictation: Read this sentence to your child a few times for them to write:  Occasionally the population watch the national television news,  because they want information about the infection.  They score a point for each word spelt correctly, plus bonus points for joined handwriting, capital letter, comma and full stop.

English Handwriting Practice: Use the letter join app or copy a piece of text in your best handwriting.  Writing should be joined with letters formed and positioned correctly and consistent in size.  Some of the class are starting to practise writing neatly at speed and using a pen: set a ten minute timer and see how many words they can write neatly within the time.

Maths Weekly Arithmetic Test:  You will find this week’s questions on the class webpage.  Children should have 10 minutes to complete it.  Mark it, then they can spend some time practising questions they got wrong.  At school, we give out house points each week if they can improve their score from the previous week, so perhaps you can find a similar reward for home?  I would love to know your scores so please comment on this post and also let me know if there is a question you would like some help with. 

Science: The children had some interesting questions about Viking boats, so for this week’s science can you investigate floating?  You could do this in the bath or outside.  Try out different objects, such as fruit & vegetables: which float & which do not? Why do you think that happens?  Can you make a paper or card boat that will float?  How many objects (e.g. pennies, lego bricks, paper clips) can you add to it before it sinks?