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Skylarks learning Tuesday 17th March 2020

Maths – Finding fractions of time. Single-step and multi-step word problems. We will apply our understanding of finding fractions of amounts to fractions of a measure of time using simple fractions of hours. We will use these skills in word problems such as the ones below.

Examples: Jessie walks for ½ an hour. She arrives at 12:45pm. What time did she start her walk? Arthur sailed for 1/3 of an hour. He set off at 11:00am. What time did he arrive?

Arithmetic: Division with remainders.

English: We will be looking at good examples of leaflets/brochures for holiday destinations and describing the features of these.

Spelling: The ‘s’ sound spelt with a ‘c’ in words such as fancy.

Topic: Geography – Recognising and using the four points of a compass and 4 and 6 figure grid references.

Science – What plants grow in Iceland? How are they adapted to the climate and conditions?