Skylarks suggested learning Thursday 26th March

Hello! Please find below the powerpoint for Skylarks suggested learning. 
Hopefully a lot of it can be done outdoors in your garden, so have fun and make the most of the sunshine!

Maths – create a long jump and challenge members of your family to take part. Measure the distances jumped in m and cm and create a table and bar chart of the results. Challenge yourself to measure to 2 decimal points (for example 3.45m) if you would like to or round your measurements to the nearest decimal point.

Arithmetic – find times tables in leaf patterns and petals

English – choose a favourite story and write a completely different ending for it!

Spelling – try learning some dis, il, im and in prefix words using funny ways of saying and acting them.

Afternoon activities – create a habitat to keep a hibernating dormouse warm or a polar bear living in your garden cool (Science) Draw a maze and use compass directions to guide someone through it (Geography)