Cedar Class

Cedar Class Learning for 22 May 2020

Spelling: Can you remember the spelling rule you have been learning this week? Get someone at home to test your memory of it, and then get them to pick out 10 words from your word list and see if you can spell them correctly!

Arithmetic: This week we looked at quick addition skills. Get someone at home to ask you 10 quick-fire addition questions and see how fast you can tell them the correct answer!

English: LO: to present your presentation.

Now we finally have our completed slides and cue cards, and are all set to finally present our presentation! Today I would like you to share your presentation with someone at home. Use your cue cards and make sure you show off all the hard work your put into your slides. This is a great chance to show off your speaking skills, and I really want you to think about how you present what you are saying. Speak clearly, make sure you sound knowledgeable (like you know what you’re talking about) and be prepared for any questions you may be asked!

Maths: LO: to manipulate shape to make a code.

Today I would like you to look at the positions of various shapes, and how we can manipulate these.

Get a piece of paper, and write the letters of your name out by creating a set of bubble writing type shapes.  This works best with line-drawn letters instead of more cursive bubble-writing styles. Then, I would like you to cut out these shape-letters and, keeping them in the same order, manipulate them all in the same way: you could turn them all 90 degrees clockwise, or a half-turn. If you look at the shapes now, they won’t easily read as your name. Can you find a way to turn the shapes to make a secret code which people won’t easily be able to read? Write down how to crack your code and then create a message for someone at home and see if they can work it out.

If you want to make your code even more tricky, you could do something different with vowels and consonants. For example: vowels could be twisted a half turn, and consonants could be twisted a quarter turn anti-clockwise.