Elm Class

Elm Class Learning Friday 21st May 2020

You have made it to Friday, sharing assembly day and nearly a well-deserved break for half term! I would love to see anything you have been working hard on this week, I have seen some fabulous work over the weeks, you have all been working tremendously hard!

Spellings: Can someone test you on ten of the words you have learnt this week which start with the prefixes we have been practicing? (sub, re, im, il and ir)

Arithmetic: I have uploaded to the class webpage the next arithmetic test for you to have a go at and the answers for you to check back your working. Or you could get someone to make up some questions on the arithmetic topics we have been practicing in the last few weeks to have a go at?

Grammar: Can you have a go at the test style questions I have linked to this post about prepositions and determiners. We have practiced these this week, so these shouldn’t be too hard!

English:  Today you are going to write a review of the story of Goodnight Mister Tom. You can present this in any way you like. Think carefully about the parts of the story which you liked/ disliked to back up your points.

Challenge: Consider the fact that the audience for the book is older children. Could you present your review in an engaging way for children? For example, in a poster format which is colourful and exciting!

Maths: This is the last day on position and direction, which activity will you choose today? Can you try something different? Have you described shapes and their properties yet? Have you thought about turns- clockwise and anticlockwise and their angles of degrees?

Japan Activities for the week!

Our weekly focus for this week is: Round up Research!

This week I would like you to use your time to find out anything else about Japan which you haven’t found out yet! You could revisit any of the tasks from the previous weeks which you didn’t manage to complete or research your own interests!

Feel free to present this information in any way that you would like.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Coates.