Oak Class

Oak Class Friday 22nd May

Well done everyone! We have made it to half term! I hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather as well as doing your school work!

Phonics: I would like you to work on the tricky words posted below. See which ones you can read, have a go at spelling them too. Some of them are really tricky and might need extra work!

Maths: Can you make a treasure map and draw different things on it. It could be an island or a map of your garden. Where would you hide the treasure? Can you guide someone in your house to find the treasure but directing them around your map. Have fun!

Japan: It is our last day of learning about Japan. I hope you have enjoyed this topic! One final thing to try out could be some Karaoke, which originated from Japan. Why not sing a song with your family or make one up about something you liked about Japan!

Happy Half Term!
Mrs T x