Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 01 JUL 2020

English: LO: to create a story map for a scary story.

By now you should have a good idea of what your scary story will be about. Today, I would like you to create a story map to help your when it comes to writing the story tomorrow. Think very carefully about the kinds of adjectives you will use to create the suspense we need to make our story scary! Draw pictures on your story map to help you visualise which words will be suitable.

Maths: LO: to consider different types of angle.

Today I would like you to carry out an angle walk throughout you house, or outside if you are able to. Back in the Autumn term we looked at three different types of angle: acute angles (smaller than 90 degrees), right angles (90 degrees), and obtuse angles (greater than 90 degrees). We also recognised that straight lines are 180 degrees (like two right angles added together). On your angle walk, write down the angles you can see and say whether they are acute, right, obtuse or straight. Challenge: estimate how many degrees the angle is.

For example:

Man-hole cover – 4 angles, all right angles – 90 degrees.

Fence post – 1 angle (connecting fence together) – obtuse angle – 120 degrees.