Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 08 JUN 2020

English: LO: to create a definition poster.

Tomorrow is empathy day, and today I would like you to do some work to prepare for an activity tomorrow.

Empathy is defined as: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In more simple terms, this means being able to understand how other people feel, and be able to share those feelings they have. For example, if you saw someone crying because they had fallen over and hurt themselves you could be empathetic by understanding that they were sad because of this, and feel a bit sad as well.

Today, I would like you to create a poster to explain what empathy is. Put the word ‘empathy’ in the middle and write a definition of it in your own words. You could decorate the poster with some drawings of things you think are linked to empathy, and write some examples of things you have done where you have been empathetic towards someone or something else.

Maths: LO: to carry out a shape investigation.

This week we will be carrying out some mathematical investigations. Today’s investigation is all about building, balance and weight. If you have access to 3d shapes, you could use them to actually build the shapes in the investigation, if not you can still solve the problem by thinking very carefully about how the structures would look in real life.

We have a box of solid shapes. In it there are cubes, triangular prisms, cones, cuboids, cylinders and tetrahedrons.

Which of the buildings below would fall down if we tried to make them? Which ones would be unstable and possibly collapse?

As an extension, try and draw the biggest structure you can which would still be able to stand upright.

Topic: LO: to investigate the 5 main senses.

Today I would like you to investigate the 5 main senses humans have. What are these?

Which body part is linked to each of these senses? Do some senses require more than one body part to work?

How would life be different if you no longer had one of your 5 main senses? Do you think that you could still live your life in the same way if one of your main senses suddenly disappeared?