Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 18 JUN 2020

English: LO: to create a more formal postcard.

Today I would like you to build on what you did yesterday by creating a more formal postcard! Like Tuesday, create a postcard from a place you either have visited, or would like to visit. Start off by cutting out a postcard piece of paper or card. Draw on the front of it to show where the postcard is being sent from (you could even make up a fantasy land if you would rather!),  on the reverse write a message to someone in a more formal style of writing. If you would like to write a postcard to me, feel free to email it to me afterwards so that I can read it! All of your parents should have received an email from me, if you’ve lost my email address it is: jkeeble5nrq@nsix.org.uk. Don’t forget to include an address, and definitely don’t forget that the people who are involved in posting and sending your letter can also read it!

Maths: LO: to find fractions of measurements.

So far we have looked at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Today I would like you to look at calculating fractions of objects around your home; this will involve using your measurement skills!

Find an object in your home which you can measure: this could be something you measure with a ruler such as the length of a room or the size of a toy, or a measurement of a liquid. Start off by measuring the object, then I would like you to calculate what the size or amount would be if you had:

1) Half the amount.

2) A quarter of the amount.

3) Challenge question: 3/4 of the amount.

For example: If I had a pencil in front of me which was 14cm long:

1) Half the pencil is 7cm.

2) A quarter of the pencil is 3.5cm.

3) Three quarters of the pencil is 10.5cm.

You can use any object which can be measured for this activity. Try and use at least 5 different objects.