Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 24 JUN 2020

English: LO: to write an informative newspaper article.

Now that we have created some catchy headlines, it’s time to write the actual article. When writing a newspaper article, you need to remember that you are writing to inform the reader. If you don’t include enough detail the reader will be left wanting more information, and will end up buying a different newspaper to get a better version of the news. Below is a short newspaper article which includes a good amount of detail.

Michael Smith, 42, from Norwich has been presented with the prestigious ‘Chief Eater’ award today. Michael won the award for eating at every single restaurant in Norfolk, having spent over £16,500 in total across his meals. It is the first time that anyone has ever been awarded with this title, and Michael is now able to eat at all restaurants in the county free of charge for the next 6 months. When asked what he will do now, Michael replied ‘I think I’ll try and go for the Chief Eater award in every county in the U.K.!’.

I would like you to write a newspaper report on something of your choosing. Don’t forget, newspaper articles tend to be written in columns!

Maths: LO: to create a graph or chart of data.

Today I would like you to present the data you collected yesterday using a chart or graph. You can choose which type you would like to use, but some types of chart and graph are easier to create and read than others!

If I had collected the following data, here are some examples of how that may look as a chart. One of the ways of presenting the data has more detail than the other.

Flower colours seen in my garden.

Blue – 5

White – 7

Pink – 3

Purple – 4