Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 30 JUN 2020

English: LO: to plan a scary story.

Yesterday we discussed how to create a spooky atmosphere in our writing and came up with a list of spooky adjectives. Today, I would like you think very carefully about your scary story.

I would like you to come up with a plan for your story. Create a spider diagram and write some ideas down for the following points:

– Setting (where will the story take place? Mine was in some underground tunnels).

– Character(s) (Who is in your story? My main character was a human who was exploring some tunnels. Yours could be told from the perspective of a monster if you fancy a challenge!).

– The scare (What in your story is going to be scary? Might your character be shocked by a giant alligator/monster/spooky surprise?).

– The ending (Will your character defeat the spooky thing? Will it maybe not actually be something scary but someone dressed up as something scary [like in scooby-doo]? Does the story just suddenly end on a cliffhanger?).

Maths: LO: to describe shapes using mathematical vocabulary.

Today I would like you to use your mathematical vocabulary to create a ‘wanted’ poster on a shape. Take a piece of paper and write ‘WANTED’ at the top, then draw your shape on the poster. Give your shape some features and a name, then describe it on the poster. Give some extra detail (see my one for an example), and add some colour to your poster. Don’t forget, use your mathematical vocabulary from your definition poster to help you.

Challenge: create a wanted poster for a 3D shape.