Maple Class

Maple Class home learning for Thursday 18th June 2020

Spellings – homophones are words that have the same sound but a different meaning (like a pair of scissors or a pear is a sweet fruit). Write another word that sounds the same as, but has a different meaning to:

Paws, route, male, threw, not, main

English – practise reading a poem today, and see if you can learn it off by heart to perform for someone tomorrow. Could you add some actions to help you remember the different parts? Practise at different times during the day and challenge yourself to see how much you can remember. 

Maths – continue to look at thirds today. Can you find two thirds of an object or amount? What would it look like? How would you write it down? Using Lego can you make a model that is one third one colour and two thirds a different colour.

Theme – this week we will be thinking about the climate and geography of Mexico. Below is a list of suggestions, pick an activity you are interested in. 

– where in the world is Mexico? Find out which continent it is in. 

– What is the capital city of Mexico?

– What does Mexico look like? Can you draw the shape of the country and label the capital city? 

– Which oceans are near Mexico? Can you label them on your map? 

– What does the flag of Mexico look like? Can you make your own Mexican flag? You could use pencils, paint, collage materials, chalks. 

– What would you like to learn/find out about Mexico? Write some questions to explore and answer over this half term.

– What is the weather like in Mexico today? Can you research on the internet to find out? Is it warmer or cooler than England? How would you describe the weather in Mexico? How does it compare to the weather at home? What is the temperature in Mexico? Is the temperature in England higher or lower? 

– What is the population of Mexico? How many people live there? (How many people live in England?)

– Can you name some rivers in Mexico? 

Thank you, Mrs Keeler.