Maple Class

Maple Class home learning for Thursday 25th June 2020

Spelling – sometimes when writing, words may be shortened. These are known as abbreviations (like doctor = Dr). Try these examples and put into sentences: 

Kilogram, example, page, approximately 

English – try to write your own riddle. Think about the way you have been describing the objects and animals this week, and the riddles you may have read and researched. Try to write 3 or 4 clues to your riddle, without saying exactly what it is. 

Maths – today look at the “Interpreting Scaled Pictograms” page about pets and answer the questions below. 

Theme – this week we will be learning all about festivals in Mexico. Complete some research about Mexican festivals of your own, or have a look at the following:

  • ‘Cinco de Mayo’ when is it? What does it mean? How do Mexicans celebrate? 
  • When is Mexico Independence Day? How do Mexicans celebrate? 
  • When is the Mexican festival Day of the Dead? How long does it last? How do Mexicans celebrate and remember their loved ones?
  • What is “Semana Santa”? What time of year does it occur? 
  • What is “Las Posadas”? What do children eat during this festival? What do they do? 
  • Who is celebrated during the “Festival de Mexico”? What time of year does it happen? 
  • What are the main holidays celebrated in Mexico?
  • What is the biggest celebration in Mexico?
  • Which religious festivals are celebrated in Mexico?i

Thank you, Mrs Keeler