Maple Class

Maple Class home learning for Wednesday 1st July 2020

Spellings – Visit Purple Mash-English-SPaG-Phonics-Phase5-Cloze and pick two more different sets of sounds to explore. 

English- try to write your own jokes today. Think of a joke you know and use that to help you. Can you change some of the words, but use the same format? Write it down and then tell it to someone else.

Maths – today try the shape assessment questions, naming the shapes and describing them.

Theme – this week we will be learning all about some of the culture, traditions and language in Mexico. Below is a suggested list of activities to choose from, maybe pick one a day to explore. 

– which language do they speak in Mexico?

– How would you say “hello”, “goodbye” and “thank you” in Mexico?

– How would you count to 10 in Mexico? 

– Can you explore writing in Mexico? 

– How would you write your name in Mexico?

– What is the national sport of Mexico? Can you research and practise some of the actions?

– What food is traditionally eaten in Mexico?

– Do people in Mexico have any traditional good luck symbols?  

Thank you, Mrs Keeler.