Oak Class

Oak class Monday 29th June

Welcome to another great week of work! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Phonics: Use the letters c and l to make the blend cl. Can you make the words clap, clip and clay. Say the words, sound them out, write them down. Now use the words in a sentence. Write the sentence down. If you have a computer can you try and type your sentence using a keyboard. Use the space bar to make sure you have good finger spaces!

Maths: This week we are looking at shapes. Can you go on a shape hunt around your home and garden to see what shapes you can find? It would be amazing if you could make your own tally chart to collect your shape data! Can you find 2D shapes and 3D shapes? Which shape is the most popular shape you can find?

Literacy: This week we are going to be writing our own story. Today I would like you to look at different books at home and see what characters are in the stories. Choose your own character to be in your story. It could be a mouse, a robot, a boy, a lion, anything you want! Draw a picture of your character and make a puppet by cutting it out and using a stick or a lolly stick so you can play with it.

Think of ideas for stories ready for tomorrow!

Topic: Mexico. This week we are looking at culture and traditions. Today we are going to be making a musical instrument using a box, string and elastic bands. Mariachi are popular musicians who play folk music in Mexico. They play in groups and often get invited to play at weddings, birthdays and celebrations. Can you have a go at making your own stringed instrument!

Good luck!

Mrs Tinkley x