Oak Class

Oak Class Thursday 18th June

Phonics:Use the letters cr to blend together to make the words crisp and crunch. Can you say the words, sound them out, write them down and read them so someone in your home. Can you write a sentence, now cut up the sentence, jumble up the words and see if you can sort them back in the right order.

Maths: Can you find 10 pieces of Lego or blocks or toys. Now share them out between 2 people. How many do you have now? Do you have the same amount? You have found half of 10. Now get 20 pieces of Lego and do the same? Can you predict how many you will have each?

Literacy: Today you could make your own rhyming rocket. Pick one word and make a list of all the words you can think of that rhyme with that word. Write your words on your own rhyming rocket!

Topic: Mexico. What is the weather like in Mexico today? Is it the same weather as we are having? Are there seasons in Mexico? What is the temperature like in Mexico? Can you make your own weather symbols so you can make your own weather forecast!

Have a great day everyone!