Oak Class

Oak Class Thursday 25th June

Phonics: Use the letters g and l to blend to make the words glitter and glue. Can you write a word using glue and cover it with glitter! Use the words in a sentence. Say the sentence, write it down and read the sentence to someone in your house.

Maths: Use the website https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/data-handling Find the shape sorting Carroll diagram and see if you can sort the shapes correctly. What else can you sort in a similar way?

Literacy: I have seen a few lovely poems that have been written and already performed! If you can write your poem and read it out to today, Tomorrow I would love to see some of them being shared on sharing assembly!

Topic: Mexican festivals. Mexico has a festival on 16th September to celebrate their independence. Houses and cars are decorated with flags and fireworks are set off to remember this special day. Can you have a go at making your own firework picture or sparkler. You could use a bit more glitter too!

Have a fun day in the sun too!

Mrs T