Oak Class

Oak Class Tuesday 30th June

Phonics: Use the cl blend to make the words clown, clean and clever. Say the words, sound them out, write the words down. Can you use the words to make a sentence? Write down your sentence. Now read your sentence to someone in your house.

Maths: I hope you found lots of shapes on your shape hunt! Can you use sticks or lolly sticks to make 2D shapes. Take pictures or draw pictures of the shapes you have made and write down their names.

Literacy: I hope you enjoyed making your puppet! Can you try and think about what your puppet character is like? Can you name your character? Is your character friendly? Is your character kind? Can you write down what your character is like?

Topic: Mexico. Today we are going to be looking at the different types of Mexican food. We will be tasting some Mexican food too! Can you find out about Mexican food and see if there is any food that you might like to try or already enjoy eating. Why not make a plate of your own Mexican food. Draw the food you like to eat.

Have a lovely day!
Mrs Tinkley