Oak Class

Oak Class Wednesday 17th June

Phonics: Use the letters c and r to blend to make the words crab, crib and cross.Say the words, sound them out, write them down. Use the words in a sentence. Write the sentence and then read it to someone in your home.

Literacy: Can you make a rhyming basket? Look around your home, in the garden and through your toys. Can you find objects that rhyme? Add them to a basket. Now see if you can remember which ones rhyme. Try taking one object out, and seeing if your child notices which one is missing.

Can you write the rhyming words down? In our rhyming basket at school we had things like spoon and balloon, clock and sock, Lego man and pan. See what you can find to rhyme!

Topic: Can you find out what is the capital of Mexico? What does it look like? What can you find out about it?Have a fun day!

Mrs T x