Elm Class

Thursday 18th June 2020 Elm Class learning

Spellings: Today we are going back to practicing words with the suffix ending ‘cious’. With these words, usually if the root word ends in –ce, the sound is usually spelt as cious rather than ious – e.g, grace – gracious, space, spacious.

This is your last day to practice cious words, before someone tests you tomorrow. Can you practice your spellings using some fun strategies from the spelling menu?

Here are some example words to practice: vicious, precious, conscious, delicious, malicious, suspicious, spacious, ferocious, atrocious

Arithmetic: This week, we are going to recap multiplying fractions. Remember, when you multiply a fraction by a whole number, you multiply the numerator (or top of the fraction) and when you multiply two fractions together, you multiply both the numerators together and both the denominators. If you want to challenge yourself further, you can have a go at simplifying the fraction after the calculation.

See if you can attempt these below:

4/9 x 5 =

2/3 x 4 =

3/8 x 9=

1/8 x 6=

3/7 x 4/5=

6/9 x 5/10=

4/6 x 2/8=

Grammar: Today we are going to continue to look at co-ordinating conjunctions. Before we were looking at subordinate conjunctions, which join a main clause to a subordinate clause, whereas we are now going to be using coordinating conjunctions which join two main clauses together. Remember: Main clauses could be standalone sentences themselves and subordinate clause add more information to the sentence, but do not make sense alone. The coordinating conjunctions can be remembered using the saying FANBOYS- for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

Your task today: Think of some activities you have done during lockdown and when you have been at home, can you write some sentences to describe these, including a co-ordinating conjunction?

For example: At the weekend we went for a bike ride, but it was too hot to go very far.

English: L.O. To write about Madame Zeroni. From reading the story Holes, you will have come across the character, Madame Zeroni

Madame Zeroni is a mysterious woman and she has had an interesting life. She knows many stories –

Your task is to write one of her amazing stories:

•      A story of her curses?

•      A story of her fortune telling?

•      A story about how she lost her foot?

•      A tale of gold and fortunes?

Creative Writing Techniques

      Simile/metaphor/personification

      Verbs/adverbs

      Adjectives

      5 senses

      Varied sentence length

      Ambitious vocabulary

Maths: What fraction activity will you choose today? Could you have a go at multiplying fractions or converting improper fractions to mixed numbers? Could you create your own snap game of equivalent fractions?

Topic: For the next four weeks, you will be studying Mexico!

Everyone in the school is doing the same project so that if you have younger siblings, then you can all do similar activities and teach each other things.

I have suggested some activities below which are suitable for a Year 5/6 class but can also be done by younger children with some help.

Choose the activities you would most like to do and present them creatively! You can present your work however you like, for example, in the form of artwork, a scrapbook, a PowerPoint.

Our weekly focus for this week is Climate and Geography.

Suggested activities for the week:

•      Locate Mexico on a map and describe its location. What continent is it in? Which other countries are near it? Is it in the northern or southern hemisphere?

•      Research the weather in Mexico. Is it similar to the weather in the U.K.? Why might this be the case? Could you create a temperature/rainfall graph to show the temperature/rainfall throughout the year?

•      Are the seasons the same in Mexico? Why/why not?

•      Research the plantlife in Mexico. Are there any species of plant native to Mexico? Could you draw or paint these?

•      Research the wildlife of Mexico. Present this information in a fun way- perhaps in a poster.

•      What is the landscape of Mexico like? Are there any famous mountains or rivers? Is it similar of different to the U.K.?

•      Have there been any big natural disasters in Mexico? Why have these happened? You could write a newspaper report of one of these or a diary entry from someone who was there.

•      Research famous landmarks in Mexico.

•      Research the capital city of Mexico and compare it to other capital cities.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Coates.