Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 06 JUL 2020

English: LO: to consider the function and features of a review.

This week we are going to take an in depth look at how we use reviews for different products or services. I’d like you to start the week off by writing down what a review is, what we use reviews for, and the features of a review. We have written book reviews in class to recommend (or not recommend!) books we have read to our classmates, so you should have a good idea of the main features of a good review. If you can, look at a website which sells things (Amazon or eBay for example) and read some of the reviews of products on there. How do these reviews differ from a more formal review you might find on a website such as ‘Which?’?

Think carefully about the different language you might use in different types of review; a book review which will be read by your classmates will be informal compared to a review you are going to post online of a brand new washing machine!

Maths: LO: to think algebraically.

This week we will be looking at some problems which require thinking and often have multiple answers. This is what we call algebraic thinking in primary school; we don’t use algebra in more advanced forms until a few years time!

Today I would like you to try a problem which requires trial and error, a lot of thinking, and has multiple answers. If you already did the first problem (we looked at this in class prior to the school closures and something similar in home learning) , then please try the second problem (the ark problem). If you didn’t do the first problem, or struggled with it before, feel free to do this one again.