Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 09 JUL 2020

English: LO: to create a formal review from a different perspective.

Over the course of the rest of the week I would like you to write a review of a different type of product or service each day. I will tell you what you will be reviewing, who the intended audience will be, and where the review will be being published; you’ll have all of the information you need to plan the type of language you will use and the level of formality/informality you feel is appropriate.

Today’s review:

What am I reviewing? – For this review, you are going to pretend to be an adult. You are going to pretend you have just purchased your dream car and will be reviewing this.

Who will be reading my review? – Adults who are also looking to buy cars.

Where will my review be being published? – A magazine which contains reviews of every type of car. People buy this magazine before they go car shopping.

What will the possible impact of my review have? – If you give the car a good review, more people will buy it! There will be more of them on the roads and so the cost of repairing your car will be less! However, because there are more of them about your insurance fee will go up and so you will actually end up having less money to spend from your wages each month! If you give the car a bad review, there will be less of them purchased and so fewer of them on the roads. This will mean that you will be driving a rarer car, but it might cost a bit more to repair. You insurance will cost less though, so you will have more money to spend each month from your wages!

Maths: LO: to solve missing number problems around multiplication and division.

Today I would like you to work on some missing number problems, but these ones are on multiplication and division. Fill in the blanks to complete the problems! Use your times table facts and related division facts to help you (this was our arithmetic focus a few weeks ago).