Cedar Class

Cedar class learning for 13 JUL 2020

English: LO: to write a letter.

This week we are going to be completing some tasks in English which will help you prepare for September. I will suggest a different activity each day and give your some pointers for how to complete each one.

Today, I would like you to use your letter writing skills to write a letter to your new teacher to introduce yourself. If you are currently in year 3 you will need to write your letter to Miss Brown and will be in Rowan class next year. If you are currently in year 4 you will need to write to Miss Beaumont and will be in Elm class next year.

Think about the language you will need to use in your letter; this should be more formal than informal. What qualities of yours do you think are important to share with your new teacher? Are there any things about you which your new teacher might not know from just looking at you?

Maths: LO: to create a definition poster for ‘time’.

This week we will be revisiting the topic of time. Today, I would like you to create a definition poster for the word ‘time’. Just like the ones you have created before, write ‘time’ in the middle and then write a definition of what the word means. Fill the rest of the poster with pictures and words related to time, and write definitions for these related words as well. Below are some words to help you out.

Key words: A.M., P.M., minute, hour, second, o’clock, past, to, days, months, years, decades, analogue, digital, 12 hour time, 24 hour time.