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Friday 10th July 2020 Elm Class learning

Spellings: Can you get someone today to test you on ten of the able/ably or ible/ibly ending words? Are there any words you need to practice again? Add these to a word wall or a spelling log in a notebook to practice again.

Arithmetic: I have uploaded the next summer test to the class webpage. Can you have a go at the test? You can check your answers back with the answers I have uploaded to the class webpage. Which areas might you need to revisit for next time?

Grammar: Can you have a go at the test style activities based on synonyms and antonyms that we have worked on this week?

English: L.O. To consider Kate’s character.

Today you are going to complete a role on the wall activity for Kissin’ Kate Barlow.

Draw a gingerbread person and on the inside write all of the things we know about Kate’s personality. On the outside write anything we know about the way she looks. Try to include evidence from the book to back up what you think.

Maths: Today your challenge is to have a go at some word problems, using the skills we have been using this week including working backwords and substituting numbers into missing values. Can you have a go at the activities linked to this post? They will also be available to download on the class webpage.

Topic: Our last day on the art of Mexico, I would love to see what you have researched or created!

Well done for all of your hard work!

Miss Coates.