Hazel Class

Hazel Class learning for Monday and Tuesday

I can’t believe we’ve got to the end of term. Remember back in March when we were reading about Leaf. Well Mrs Godbold has read the story again for you, so listen carefully as for the next 2 days your activities will be based on that book. It’s also a good chance to hear the rest of the story for those of you who didn’t get to finish it.

Suggested Activities for the next 2 days:
Build a den for Leaf. Pod 3 are off to the woods on Monday to create theirs.
Design and make a machine to get Leaf home.
Imagine how Leaf must feel being left out and ignored – What would he write about if he sent a letter home to his mother?
Make a cake in the shape of a Polar Bear.
Make a design out of leaves.
Use leaves as print blocks – What patterns can you make?
Make some animal models and put on your own play based on the book?
Tune in tomorrow when I’ll be reading you all one on my favourite stories.
Keep Safe
Ms B

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