Cedar Class

Learning for 07 JUL 2020

English: LO: to write an informal review.

Over the course of the rest of the week I would like you to write a review of a different type of product or service each day. I will tell you what you will be reviewing, who the intended audience will be, and where the review will be being published; you’ll have all of the information you need to plan the type of language you will use and the level of formality/informality you feel is appropriate.

Today’s review:

What am I reviewing? – Your favourite video game, film, or TV show.

Who will be reading my review? – All of the children in the school.

Where will my review be being published? – A book which will be given to each class, the children will be able to read the reviews if they want to discover a new game or something to watch in their free time.

What will the possible impact of my review have? – Children in the school will listen to your review and get the game/watch what you were reviewing; if this happens, the company which makes the game or show/film may be able to afford to make more content. If you give it a bad review then the children may not buy/watch it and so the company might not make more content.

Maths: LO: to solve missing number problems around addition and subtraction.

Today I would like you to work on some missing number problems. Fill in the blanks to complete the problems! You can either count on to help you get the answer, or invert the problem.

Let’s look at question 1 as an example: 3 plus something equals 20.
I could do this in two ways:

1) Count up from 3 to 20 and see how many more 20 is than 3.

2) Invert the problem to 20 – 3 = ? This way I can carry out a simple subtraction and still get the same answer!