Maple Class

Maple Class home learning Thursday 9th July 2020

Spelling – Today, make a list of as many words as you can that mean the same as “bad”, for example rotten, unpleasant. Challenge yourself to think of as many as you can. 

English – return to Purple Mash. Can you open your saved story? Start by reading through what you have written and then continue writing and adding more pages today. Don’t forget to add colourful illustrations too.

Maths – have a look at the Plenty of Pens problem today. 

Amy went into her local stationery shop. Her mum had given her £2.50 to spend.

Amy liked the look of some luminous pens, which cost 15p each, and some fancy pencils, which cost 10p each. She bought four times as many pens as pencils and was given 40p change.

How many of each did she buy? Visit more information and questions. 

Theme – this week we are exploring Mexican arts and crafts. Can you:

  • Make your own sombrero using a paper plate and cup? Decorate it and make it as colourful as possible. 
  • Make your own maracas and perform a tune. 
  • Make a piñata with coloured paper and a cup. Ask a grown up for some sweet treats to put inside, then hang it up and bat it until the sweets fall. 
  • Luchadors are Mexican wrestlers that wear bright and colorful masks to keep their identity a secret – make your own mask.
  • Explore the artwork of Frida Kahlo and try to recreate your own painting or drawing in her style.  
  • Explore the sculptures of Sebastián and recreate your own at home with Lego or junk modelling materials.
  • Decorate an Aztec mask or pattern on Purple Mash (Home-Topics-Aztecs-Paint Projects).

Thank you, Mrs Keeler.