Elm Class

Monday 13th July 2020 Elm Class learning

Welcome to our last full week of the term! Hope you have all enjoyed some of the sunshine this weekend and are ready for an exciting week ahead! This week, we will be doing some transition activities, to help us reflect on our year and prepare for our new class or school in September.

Spellings: This week, I would like you to revisit spellings with the spelling string ‘ough’. These spellings can be very tricky and there isn’t a specific rule for spelling these words! Can you find as many ough words and write these down? Can you group your words into different sounds as you may find the ‘ough’ spelling, isn’t always pronounced in the same way in different words!

Arithmetic: This week, I would like you to practice your long multiplication skills. Remember, when you are multiplying by a 10, you should always start with a zero in your column as a place value holder. Can you have a go at the questions below?

836 x 27 =

3468 x 62 =

436 x 22=

Grammar:  We often forget to use apostrophes for possession in our writing. These help the reader to show that something belongs to someone else. Can you have a go at the activity below, inserting the apostrophes in the correct places?

English: Have a look at the suggested transition activities below. These are a great way to reflect on the year and think about the new class you are going into. Which activity will you try today? If you would like to finish reading Holes, I will keep the PDF on the class webpage for you to finish the book and find out what happens!

Maths: This week, we are extending our learning on time! Can you have a go at the activity attached below on finding out how much time has passed? You will need to use a number line to help you! The bronze, silver and gold activities will be on the class webpage for you to download.

Topic: Round up research!

Over the next two days, I would like you to think about all of the amazing things you have learnt about Mexico! What have you enjoyed finding out about most? What would you like to find out more about? You may have found the Geography of Mexico particularly interesting for example, and may like to focus your research more specifically on a town or city of Mexico, or look more into the landmarks of Mexico! You may like to find out more about the tourist attractions and the holiday destinations of Mexico!

Your task is to present your round up research in an eye-catching way of your choice. This could be:

–      A tourist leaflet

–      A power point presentation

–      A lapbook – a bit like a leaflet, but with different pockets of information and pictures, to open and explore!

–      A mini brochure

–      A poster

–      Your own quiz questions and answers on Mexico!

–      Pretend you are hosting a tv programme on Mexico, can you write the script of what you might say?

You can send these to me on Tuesday or Wednesday, I would love to see the finished outcome!

Well done for all of your continued hard work!

Miss Coates.