Oak Class

Oak Class Thursday 9th July

Phonics: Use the end blend of mp to make the words lamp, stamp, bump and lump. Say the words, sound them out, write them down. Use your best handwriting to write a sentence using one or two of the words if you can.

Maths: Use a dice and roll it twice! Add your numbers together. Write your number sentences down. What is the smallest answer you can get? What is the largest answer you can get? What if you rolled your dice three times? See how many addition number sentences you can write down!

Literacy: Finish off your comics with speech bubbles, super pictures and make sure you are happy with it! Tomorrow you will read it out to someone in your house! I would love to see some of your comics Oak Class!

Topic; Mexico. Pod 1 made some super clay pots. If you have made yours, why not have a go at making your own cactus to put in it! If you have not made a pot, why not decorate a plant pot or any pot you have at home. Cactus really like the hot Mexican climate and need very little maintenance. Although they have very sharp spines, they make very nice house plants!

Enjoy your day!
Mrs T x