Oak Class

Oak Class Tuesday 7th July

Phonics: Use the end blend of nd to make the words sand, hand, land and band. Use a computer to type out the words. Can you type out a sentence too? Can you add a picture to add to your sentence! That would be amazing!

Maths: Count out 10 objects. Now shake a dice and take away the same amount as number of spots on the dice. Today I would like you to write your number sentences down. 10-5=5

Literacy: Use your comic character to start thinking of your story. Have you chosen a super hero? What will your super hero do in your story? Start to draw out your ideas for your story. Use a comic strip to help you.

Topic: Mexico. Can you get creative and use paint, crayons, cut and stick to make a jungle picture. Add an animal to your picture too!

Have fun!
Mrs T x