Oak Class

Oak Class Wednesday 8th July

Phonics: Use the letters m and p to make the blend mp at the end of words. Use the blend mp to make the words lamp, camp, ramp and damp. Can you use the words to make a sentence. Write your sentence and then read your sentence to someone at home.

Maths: Find the missing number. Write down some subtraction sentences but miss out the middle number. Can you work out how many to take away to find the correct answer.
10 – ? = 6

Literacy: Comics use speech bubbles to help tell the story. Can you use speech bubbles and write some words to help tell the story!

Topic: Mexico. Traditional clothes. A poncho is a traditional poncho worn to keep the body warm on cool nights. These are usually brightly coloured and have lovely patterns. Can you design your own poncho!

Have a fun day!

Take Care
Mrs Tinkley x