Rowan Class

Rowan Home Learning 13th – 17th July

VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY – see below for how to take part and make sure you email your scores for the events you want to compete in to me by the end of Friday (

Spellings: Homographs

We have looked at homophones before (words that sound the same but are spelt differently). This week I want you to collect homographs: words spelt exactly the same but that have more than one meaning. The pictures show a few to get you started. How many more can you find? Perhaps you could create your own pictures to illustrate the different meanings.

Arithmetic: Choose the calculation type you need to practice.
– There are ten arithmetic questions to try in the photo, or download a printable test below.
– Choose one question to improve and practise it every day this week.
– You can email me or send a message via the facebook page if you need help with the best method to use.

English: Transition Activities

Current year 4s will be going into Elm Class to be taught by Miss Beaumont next year and current Year 5s will be going into the new Sycamore classroom taught by Miss Coates.

Monday: What are your hopes for next year? What are you looking forward to? What are you worried about? Write some questions for your new class teacher. You should receive an email from them today so your parents can email any questions you want answered to your new teacher before your Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Produce a poster or factfile to introduce yourself to your new class teacher. What are your hobbies? What do you like/dislike? Do you have any pets? What might you need help with?

Wednesday: Today you will have a virtual Zoom transition meeting with your new teacher and classmates.

Thursday: Now you have talked to your new teacher and know a little bit about next year, I would like you to write them a letter. What do they need to know about you? What are you looking forward to? Are there still things you want to know about next year?

Friday: Today you will edit and present your letter. This is a chance to show your new teacher how good your writing is. Can you include all the features that you’ve learnt this year: paragraphs, interesting words, punctuation, complex sentences and carefully editing your spellings? You can email the letters to your new teacher or bring them in September.

Maths – Time

This week we are going to be using units of time linked to our practise for sports day.

Suggested Activities:

Monday: The photo below shows a training schedule for an Olympic athlete. Can you turn all the times into 24-hour clock? Can you work out the total time they spend during the day on: training and on rest? If they followed this schedule every day for a week, how long would they spend over the whole week training and how long resting?

Tuesday: Can you create your own training schedule? This could be for something you are going to practise for our virtual sports day, or you could choose any sport you are interested in and write a plan for someone training for it. I would like you to record all your times in both 24-hour and 12-hour clock. Can you also illustrate it with picture of clock faces to show the time for each activity?

Wednesday: Try the Now & Then Maths Problem

Thursday: Estimating & Measuring
– Have a go at the different virtual sport day activities with your family.
– Help to measure the distances (using your knowledge of metric units – metre, centimetres & millimetres).
– Measure times using a stopwatch or clock.
– Play the estimating time game: One person has a stopwatch or clock, they set a time to estimate (e.g. 30seconds) and then says go. Everyone else sits down with their eyes closed. You stand up when you estimate that the 30seconds has passed. When everyone has stood up, the person with the stopwatch will tell you who was closest to the actual time.

Friday: Comparing Time
– Usain Bolt’s World Record for the 100m is 9.58 seconds. Can you set up a 100m course outside and time how long it takes you? You could always measure a 10m distance instead and just run back & forth 10 times to make the 100m. What is the difference between you & Usain Bolt? Try timing everyone in your family and then ordering them from fastest to slowest. Can you use your scores to predict how long it would take you to run 200m?

Theme: Mexico Round-up Research

Did you write some questions about things you wanted to know about Mexico in week 1? Have you answered them? If not, complete some research to find out.

This week I would like to create a presentation to share everything you have learnt about Mexico. It can be in any form you choose: an information text, make a book, a powerpoint presentation, a leaflet or maybe you want to talk about Mexico and someone could video you. Please email your presentation to me: I can’t wait to see what you have learnt!

Other Ideas:

  • Write your own quiz about Mexico.
  • Compare living in Mexico to living in England. What would be the same? What would be different?
  • Would you like to visit Mexico. Tell someone else why or why not?
  • Look at some of the other classes previous suggested activities on Mexico – is there a craft activity you would like to try?