Elm Class

Wednesday 15th July 2020 Elm Class learning

Spellings: This week, I would like you to revisit spellings with the spelling string ‘ough’. These spellings can be very tricky and there isn’t a specific rule for spelling these words! Can you practice the words you found yesterday using the look, write, cover, check method?

Arithmetic: This week, I would like you to practice your long multiplication skills. Remember, when you are multiplying by a 10, you should always start with a zero in your column as a place value holder. Can you have a go at the questions below?

345 x 67 =

2213 x 89=

598 x 73=

Grammar:  Can you write some of your own sentences using apostrophes for possession to show something belongs to someone else? You could use the character from your book you are reading as inspiration for your sentences, or your favourite character from a film?

English: Have a look at the suggested transition activities below. These are a great way to reflect on the year and think about the new class you are going into. Which activity will you try today? If you would like to finish reading Holes, I will keep the PDF on the class webpage for you to finish the book and find out what happens! Can you have a go at another transition activity today?

Maths: Today we are going to have a go at timetables and be able to use a timetable to interpret data. You will often come across timetables when using public transport, so it is important that we know how to use them! Have a look at the activities below and see if you can have a go!

Topic: Today are our zoom meetings for next year’s class. The class zoom for year 5’s going into Year 6 in Sycamore is at 2pm and I know the year 6’s have zoom meetings with their form groups throughout the week with high school.

Enjoy meeting your new class!

Miss Coates.