Maple Class Spring 2019

Cedar/Maple Performance “Wiz Wham Alakazam”

DNEAT Marathon April 2019

Holkham Hall Cross Country 6/3/19


Cedar Class Harry Potter Trip Photos

Elm Class becomes Hogwarts

Art and Design

We enjoy Art and Design at Mundford, and would like to share some of the wonderful creative work we have on display in our corridors.

Music Concert

At Mundford Primary Academy we love to hear and experience live music, and recently we were lucky enough to have a small concert. As well as listening to music performed by musicians, including our regular volunteer Mrs Leach, we were also treated to piano pieces played by four of our students, who have been having lessons with Mrs Leach after school.

If you can play a particular instrument, or have any musical connections, please speak to Mrs Keeler and may be you could take part in our next performance.

Sport Relief Daily Mile

Christmas Sing-a-long