Religious Education

At The Churchside Federation we explore Religion and its impact through a series of enquiries. This may be religion specific e.g. How do Hindus express beliefs about God? or cover a subject that is multi-faith e.g. How does celebration bring a community together?

We cover the theology of a religion (how a faith worships and the stories associated with a faith), the social and human sciences of a religion (how a religion impacts on a believer’s life and what they do) and philosophy (what a faith believes and the different views within this). We have a series of Age Related Expectations that suggest what children should be able to discuss for each Year group.

We strive to make Religious Education a fun and engaging subject with debates, role play, enjoying different celebrations and pilgrimages that enhance the children’s understanding and respect of different faiths around the world.

Below is the enquiry map for 2023-24 of the different enquiry questions we will cover from Reception to year 6 at the Churchside Federation, allowing children to be able to hold balanced and well informed conversations on religions and worldviews. 


Below are our RE golden threads, explaining the multi- disciplinary approach to learning in RE, supporting our children in becoming religiously literate.


RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

RE Age Related Expections Overview across Key Stages

Religious Education makes a distinctive and substantial contribution to the delivery of SMSC:-

  • Learn about beliefs, values and the concept of spirituality.
  • Reflect on the significance of religious teaching in their own lives. Children become religiously literate, developing respect for the right of others to hold beliefs different from their own.
  • Show an understanding of the influence of religion on society.
  • Appreciation and understanding of different cultures, religions and traditions.

Useful Links

These websites can help provide more information about different religions to help with your learning. There are also some fun games to play!