Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Maple Class




When were Castles first invented? What were they made from? Main features – label. Do all castles have moats? Do all castles have turrets? Where castles were located (Science/Geography focus).




Castle life. What was it like to live in a castle? Who lived there? Kings/Queens/prince/princess/jester/dragon/peasants/cooks/craftsmen and women (PE/Music focus)




Design and make a castle. What materials will you use? Why? Research different types of castle and design own. Label materials you will need. (DT/Science focus).



Kings and Queens

What do Kings and Queens do? Why are they important? Why do they wear crowns? Do all countries have Kings and Queens? (History/Geography focus)



Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria

Who were they? Why were they important? When and where did they reign? Portrait drawing/painting (History/Art focus)



Royal Family Tree

Who is our current monarchy? How are they connected? Who will be King/Queen next? Can we identify the royal family members for a selection of photos? (History focus)



Castle visit or virtual tour? Covid restrictions allowing at the time.

RE day – how do Jewish people celebrate Passover

RE day – ‘Why do people have different views about the ‘idea of God’?

Lockdown Learning

Thank you all for your hard work and determination during this lockdown learning period. We are very pleased with the work you have been sending us and would like to share some examples with you.

Maple Class Photos

Lego Club

Thank you to all the children who attended the first ever Maple Class Lego club! The children enjoyed their time to complete a “free build” before trying out the “build a number” challenge. What will we build next time? See Mrs Keeler for more details.

Online Resources

We have a number of online resources that you can use at home to help your children.

Bug Club Reading
Information regarding your child's Bug Club login details can be found inside their yellow reading diaries. Please visit

This site allows children to practise their handwriting and spelling.
Refer to emailed school newsletters for log in details.

Purple Mash
We use Purple Mash for teaching computing, but is also contains games sections for practising English & Maths at home.  All children have their own individual log-in, which is printed inside their yellow reading diary if they cannot remember it.

PIXL Times Table App:
All Year 2 pupils have an individual log-in for the times table app – please speak to class teachers if they cannot remember this.
Apple App Store:
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Phonics Play
This site has some good games and activities in the "Free phonics play" section to help your child practise phonics and tricky words we have been learning in class.