Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

Our next topic: Changes!

Our new topic this half term is ‘Changes’ and so we are going to be looking at changes in weather across our planet! We are going to be looking at ‘wild weather’ and ‘natural disasters’ including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and tsunamis. We will look at how these form and what conditions are needed for these to form! As part of this, we will be doing lots of practical activities to help us understand the conditions of these natural disasters, what happens to cause them and their impact! This includes making tornados in a jar and becoming engineers, designing structures to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes! In Geography as well as our studies of natural disaster, we are going to be linking our learning to our Power of Reading book ‘Shackleton’s Journey’, This will look at the harsh and changing conditions on his expedition of Antarctica and looking at climate change and the melting ice caps! To also inspire our writing and linked to the theme of extreme weather, we are also going to be writing stories on the mysterious Eye of the Storm video from the Literacy Shed! (See link below)

In our Science, we will be continuing to look at how animals and changed to evolve and adapt to suit their environment and habitat. We will also be looking at the different groups of animals and how we can classify different types of animals in different ways. As part of our changes topic, we will also look at how humans are changing animal habitats and the effect of human disasters!

In Art, we are going to be using collage to depict the forest habitat that many animals live in and how it has changed due to deforestation!

Our changes topic will link to lots of other areas of our learning this half term, including Computing, French and Music!

Our Collective worship topic continuing this half term is ‘Respect’ and what it means to be respectful and how we can show respect to ourselves and others. Can you discuss our key question?

‘Does respect always have to be earned?’

We have a very exciting half term of learning ahead of us!

Miss Coates.