Cedar Class

Cedar Class learning for 12 MAY 2020

English: LO: to create a simple script.

Yesterday you should have researched and found the main features of a script. Today, I would like you to have a go at creating a simple script using dialogue from either a book, tv show, film, or conversation you hear in your home. It doesn’t have to be very long, I just want you to try and use the features you identified yesterday in your script research. Here is an example:

Mark: Oh no, there are no bagels left in the cupboard! [Closes cupboard door] I’m mega hungry. I wonder who ate them all?

Martha: I have no idea! [Walking away and looking guilty] It definitely wasn’t me!

Mark: [Realising that it was only him and Martha in the house and so she must have eaten the last bagel] Well I guess it must have been the bagel-monster [said sarcastically].

Maths: LO: to multiply lengths.

Yesterday you worked on multiplying three or four digit numbers. Today I would like you to practise calculating multiples of lengths. Find a ruler or tape measure and go and measure an object in your house. Then, calculate the length you would have if you stacked another of those objects next to it.

For example: One box of cheerios is 35cm in length. If I were to stack another box next to it and then measure the length of the two boxes, I would have 35cm X 2. I don’t need to measure this twice, I can simply multiply 35 by 2 using either mental or written maths (the grid method). To make this more challenging you can change the number you multiply by, or find longer objects. How long would 2 of your cars be if they were parked one in front of the other? How long would your garden be if you tripled it in length?