Maple Class

Maple Class home learning for Friday 26th June 2020

Spelling – can you recall all the spelling rules we’ve looked at this week? Pick some of the words and practise spelling them out loud, or writing them down. Can you ask a grown up to test you on some of the words? How many can you remember?

English – write a riddle and share on the sharing assembly post or email it to Mrs Keeler. 

Maths – complete the “counting fruit” activity.

Theme – this week we will be learning all about festivals in Mexico. Complete some research about Mexican festivals of your own, or have a look at the following:

  • ‘Cinco de Mayo’ when is it? What does it mean? How do Mexicans celebrate? 
  • When is Mexico Independence Day? How do Mexicans celebrate? 
  • When is the Mexican festival Day of the Dead? How long does it last? How do Mexicans celebrate and remember their loved ones?
  • What is “Semana Santa”? What time of year does it occur? 
  • What is “Las Posadas”? What do children eat during this festival? What do they do? 
  • Who is celebrated during the “Festival de Mexico”? What time of year does it happen? 
  • What are the main holidays celebrated in Mexico?
  • What is the biggest celebration in Mexico?
  • Which religious festivals are celebrated in Mexico?

Thank you, Mrs Keeler