Oak Class

Oak Class Friday 19th June

It is Feel Good Friday! Well done for working hard for another week! I have seen some super work from home and at school! Great learning Oak Class! Keep it up!

Phonics: Today I would like you to use the letters b and r to make the blend br. Can you say the word brick. What sounds can you hear? Say the sounds, write them down and use the word in a sentence. What other words can you think of that have a br blend at the beginning? Use your brilliant brain to think of some more words!

Maths: You have all been working hard finding half of an amount. Now can you try finding a quarter or an amount? Why not use some sweets with 4 toys and share them out equally? How many do they have each if you have 20 sweets? You could draw pictures to show your answer!

Literacy: We have been looking at rhyming words this week. Can you read some rhymes or read some rhyming books? Listen to Mrs Godbold’s Oi story on Facebook again! Find rhymes that you really like. Read the rhyme I found. I quite like this one!

Topic: Find out what the land of Mexico is like? Does it have mountains, volcanoes, beaches, rain forests? Can you paint or draw a picture of the different landscapes you could find in Mexico. I would love to see some of your artwork!

have a great day and a super weekend!

Stay safe

Mrs T xxx