Oak Class

Oak Class Wednesday 1st July

Phonics: Use the letters b and l to blend together to make the sound bl. Can you say the words blink, blend, blur. Say the words, sound them out, write the words. Can you use the words in a sentence? Can you type your sentences using a computer?

Maths: Can you use 2D shapes or objects to make a repeating pattern? Can you try with 2 shapes and 2 colours to start off with. Now try with 3 shapes and 3 colours.

Literacy: Look at a range of story starters in your books at home. Think of how you could start a story about the character you have chosen. You could use, It was a dark night, or Once upon a time, or once there was a…How will you start your story? Write down the start idea of your story.

Topic: Mexico. A Mexican tradition for a party or celebration is to have a pinata where a paper animal is hit with a stick to set free all the goodies inside! You could look up this tradition using Google or you could have a go at making one yourself! Get crafting!

Have a good day!

Mrs T