Oak Class

Oak Class Monday 20th July

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend! With only 2 days left of term, I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work, and I hope you have a really lovely summer break!

Phonics: Today we are going to use the letters t, h and r to make the sound thr. Can you make the words three, throne and thread. Tricky words today, but give it a go! Say the words, sound them out, write them down. Use the words to help make a sentence. Write the sentence and read it to someone in your home.

Topic: Listen to the story read by Mrs Godbold for our Power of Reading book.What did you think about the story? Did you like the story? Did you like the illustrations? Why not find the picture you liked the best and copy that picture. You could use collage, paint or pencils.

Why was the polar bear sad? Why did he get lost? Why were the other animals scared of him? Where do Polar bears live? Can you find out about polar bears?

Why was he called Leaf?

I hope you have fun learning from this book. More ideas for tomorrow!

Have a good day!

Mrs T X