Oak Class

Oak Class Thursday 16th July

Use the letters l and k to make the end blend of lk. Use the blend lk to make the words sulk, bulk and hulk. Say the words, sound them out, write them down and read them out. Use the words to make your own sentence. I am sure you can think of something with the Incredible Hulk to write about!

Maths: Work out how many minutes are in an hour. Ask lots of different questions relating to the time and see if you can work it out! If you go for a walk at 10 o’clock and it takes an hour, what time will you get home? If you play on the playstation for an hour, how many minutes have you been playing for?

Literacy: I hope you all enjoyed your zoom meeting with Miss Gannon and are feeling excited about going into Hazel Class! Why not write her a letter so she can read about all the things you like doing and all the things you are good at! You could email her your letter!

Sports Day. Check out the information on Sports day on the Facebook page and see which events suit you, or why not try them all! I like the egg and spoon race! Email me your times and I will see who the winner is for each event! I will send the winners a certificate, so give it a go! Good luck everyone!

Mrs T x