Diwali themed Mundford Junction


Skylarks at Gooderstone (Year 3 and 4)

Skylarks class have been looking at the city of Oxford in their Geography, the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland- our current topic. They have located the key places of Oxford that are linked to the story on a map and explained why they are important. Underneath is examples of their other fantastic Geography work linked to our previous topics!

Mapping significant places to Lewis Carroll on a modern day map of Oxford.

Drawing a map using 4 figure grid references of the Island from the Tempest.

Writing an account of a journey across the island describing physical features and using 4 compass points.

Matching dragons and countries and locating/drawing the countries from a map.

Elm Class at Mundford (Year 6)

Elm Class researched the human and physical geography of Norway, linking this to their studies of Roald Dahl and where he spent most of his childhood. As part of their studies on Norway they also looked at the water cycle and created tourist brochure pages on Norway, they are a great read!

Rowan Class Grid Co-ordinates

Rowan Class at Mundford (Year 4 and 5) work on using 6 digit grid co-ordinates on the map of Oz, linked to the whole school Wizard of Oz topic and persuasive tourist brochure pages on Italy linked to their study of the Romans.